Vinyl Siding Basics: Beantown does it right the first time!

Sep 19, 2014Blog

If you’ve decided to side your home with vinyl, you’ve no doubt done your homework and selected the best quality products and accessories to realize your design dreams. Even if you chose a top-of-the-line product, if your walls aren’t straight and free of rot, or if the material is not installed correctly, your new siding won’t look beautiful. Here’s how to avoid the fear factor and make sure you prep correctly, and hire an installer who’ll do the job right.

If putting perfectly good siding over imperfect, poorly insulated walls sounds like a bad idea, that’s because it is. At Beantown Home Improvements even though it will save a little bit of money we absolutely will not “go over” old siding.  The time to fix issues is when the old material has been torn off in preparation for your new vinyl siding. It’s actually a wonderful opportunity to address, repair and enhance areas of your home that will probably never again be this easily accessible.

Prep, Prep, Prep

If you don’t prepare — which may mean “repair” — your walls properly before the job, your new vinyl siding will not be attractive. And that’s putting it midly. Residing a wavy wall will give you nothing more than a newly sided wavy wall. Putting new siding over wood rot will only cover the problem: underneath all that lovely new cladding is a rotting frame that will continue to get worse.

Add insulation

Tired of living in a drafty house with high heating bills? Your “now or never” moment to address this is at hand. Think about it: the studs in an exterior wall have zero insulating power. Add insulation, and you can easily create an effective and affordable thermal break over your studs, vastly increasing the R-value of your home.  Either we can work with you to insulate the exterior of the wall or with Mass Save to insulate the interior of the wall.  

Consider trim and corners

It is a big mistake to relegate “trim” to an afterthought. “Trim” actually comprises all the essential elements that make a window shine, a doorway really pop, an eave appear deep and inviting: it’s what makes an ordinary siding job … extraordinary. In the last ten years, a great variety of extremely decorative trim options have come onto the market, including lineals, crown molds, fluted edges and much more. Trim is easy to install, and it’s money well spent.

Once your walls are sound and properly prepared, it’s time to install that lifetime vinyl. If you have questions and you inevitable will, give us a call.  At Beantown Home Improvements we will hold your hand every step of the way from inception to completion and you having to change your last name to Jones!

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