Roofing – Pay Now or Pay Later

Sep 14, 2014Blog

It always amazes me how many time people look for the lowest price not just in roofing products, but in many things in life.  Now while the cheapest price might be a good idea when shopping for crafts or items such as groceries, cheap isn’t always smart.

Anyone will tell you that while it’s important to find excellent materials, having excellent INSTALLERS is even more important.  Think of it this way, if you have the absolute best material in the world and it’s installed incorrectly, then what you have is now junk.  

At Beantown Home Improvements we offer the best of both worlds.  We install The Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System and ONLY use OC components.  Why?  Because it’s the best on the market today.  This way, god forbid, if there ever was a warranty issue you never have to worry about one manufacturer pointing fingers at the other.  

The second half to this equation is our installers.  In our experience we have seen many a roofing company either go over an old roof or reuse flashing to save money and be more cost competitive.  As the homeowner you only think of the amount they quote and not the consequences.  Your roof is as important as your foundation and skimping on either could be costly.

In an earlier blog I mentioned why going over an old roof is a big mistake.  Covering up a potential problem and not truly inspecting your roofing sheathing could not only be dangerous to your health, but incredibly expensive as well.

In regards to drip edge and flashing, do you really want to re-use what’s up there?  Do you think that when a roof is stripped it is done so in such a gentle way as to not damage the flashing, ripping or tearing it?  Do you really want to re-use these materials?  Sadly, many roofers do again to save money.

Now here’s one more piece to think about.  If you have a cheek wall and its vinyl sided, then the proper way to make weather tight this edge would be to remove the vinyl siding, run the ice and water up the wall, step flash it properly and then reside the home.   This is how a Beantown roof is done and it is guaranteed not to leak.  Still, many other companies simply run their shingles up to the sheathing, re-use the step flashing and hope for the best.  

Really, HOPE for the best?  Sad but true…  

At Beantown Home Improvements we do it right the first time and every time.  So when your roofs need to be updated, don’t focus so much on the initial cost, but on what the overall project could cost you if you don’t do it right the first time.

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