5 Regular DIY Tasks That Will Maintain & Increase Your House’s Resale Value

Jun 12, 2017Blog

Coming to the decision to sell a house that you’ve owned for years and now call a home, is not the easiest thing in the world to do. You could be choosing to sell it for a variety of reasons, possibly reallocation or because you’ve hit some financial difficulties and need to sell. Whatever your reason, you need to make sure that you are getting the best value for your property that you can get. Often, if a house has been used as a home over the years there is bound to be some wear and tear that have taken effect. This is normal, and proof that a life has been well spent and lived there. This however, can become a problem when it comes to the valuation of your house for resale purposes. The property market is unfortunately very competitive and to get the best value for your house, you might need to do a little work before getting it valuated. These touch-ups will guarantee the increase of your house’s market value. And, you won’t even have to spend wads of cash to achieve them, they are also perfect for the ‘Do-it-yourselfer’.

5 Regular DIY Tasks That Will Maintain & Increase Your House’s Resale Value

First: A good’ol paint job

paint house

A little paint never hurt nobody. Painting is an effective and quick way to give your home a new facelift. Paint not only adds color to your home but can also change the look and feel of your house’s atmosphere. If your current wall color is a bland and old fashioned cream, then painting the surfaces of your wall white, and painting one section burgundy can change the entire dynamics of that entire living space.

Color is such an easy and fun thing to play around with, and paint?

One of the cheapest DIY items to purchase, and the easiest to acquire. You can acquire pain pretty much anywhere, and the color options available to you are endless.

You can paint both internal and exterior walls to achieve the look you are going for. The key is to be smart in your painting goals. Make sure the color options you have chosen matches the furniture in your home and plays to the structure of your walls. You also need make sure that you do as little damage to the rest of the house, whilst on your painting expedition.

You can achieve this by wearing overalls, having your carpet or tiles covered in plastic and newspapers, protecting your wall skirting by using painters tape to ensure that no paint touches that area. Another awesome way to use paint is on the skirting around your walls, painting your skirting a variate color to your walls can also give your home an uplift.

Second: Landscape Your Outdoor Space

Landscape Outdoor Space

The outdoor space is the first thing that potential buyers are going to see, before even entering your home. If this area doesn’t scream warm, inviting and come in!

Then you can be guaranteed that your potential buyers have already devalued your home’s worth in their minds.

You can make sure; that doesn’t happen by vamping up your outdoor space.

DIY landscaping can be as outlandish as you would like it to get. The simplest way to facelift your outdoor living area is to plant some trees and flowers. Simple enough right?

Plants and flowers add green luscious color to your outdoor space. Green screams fertile, healthy and taken care of. These are the words you want your potential buyers to have floating in their minds when they enter your home.

Decide which plants you want where and go down to your local greenery and purchase some.

Stones are also a great edition to outdoor spaces, whether these are small pebbles that line the exterior of your garden or large purposefully placed boulders, vamp up your outdoor space using stones.

A quick DIY way to add value to your home is adding a spacious, beautiful and classy wooden deck. After all, all you’ll need is a good wood router. The size is up to you, decked out with some outdoor furniture and a homemade pool, these are sure to have buyers excited.

Third: Update Some Of Your Utilities

Update Utilities

Do you have some old light covers in your home? You know, the ones that look like your grandma would have in her house?

Then updating your utilities could be a great way to add value to your house. Simple things like door knob changes can add a new vibe to your home, while you are at it, go ahead and change the doors too. Doors are pretty easy to change. Change them up through a great paint job, or you can stencil some new and exciting patterns.

Replacing shower doors or adding a new shower curtain can also be an inexpensive upscale for your home. You can also add some light to some of the darker spaces in your home, by installing interior and exterior lights.

You have a variety of lighting options to choose from, from wall lamps, to fairy lights to modern day pendant lights.

Updating your home’s utilities can be a fun way to play around with the scope of your house.  And most importantly a cheap way to add value to your home.

Fourth: Revamp Your Kitchen Island And Paint Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

A new kitchen island can change the entire structure of your kitchen. If you currently have one now and would like to update it, then there are plenty of options available for you to do just that.

One way to revamp your kitchen island is to add stainless steel. This can be achieved by covering your current kitchen island with stainless steel fabricated wall panels. These can easily be fitted to your kitchen Island for a sleek finish. They can however be a little bit pricier to acquire.

So, if stainless steel is what you want for your kitchen and granite is not an option then you can consider buying a stylish stainless steel prep table and fitting that to your kitchen top.

Painting old kitchen cabinets is also a cheap way to upscale your kitchen. These will add colour and make your kitchen look fresh and modern.

Final: Improve Their Air Quality In Your Home

Air is such a valuable commodity to trade in, nowadays clean, breathable air is hard to come by. Add value to your home by making it a cool and easy space to be in. You can do this by installing a modern ceiling fan that fits in with the aesthetics of your new paint job.

If you have a little extra to spend; then an air-con will definitely be a valuable add to your home. There are so many ways available for you to try and improve the ventilation of your home. You just have to pick one that suits your budget and home design.


Whatever you choose to do to your home, be sure that it is adding value for you. These DIY projects and additions are a great way to have your house valued for what it is worth to you.

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