What Can I Expect to Pay for New Siding in Bridgewater?

Apr 15, 2024Blog, Bridgewater, Costs, Siding


Are you thinking about giving your Bridgewater home a fresh, new look with some stylish siding? You’re not alone! Siding installation is a popular home improvement project that boosts your home’s curb appeal and increases its value and energy efficiency. In this friendly and informative guide, we’ll walk you through the various factors that influence the cost of new siding so you can confidently plan your budget.


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Understanding Siding Replacement Costs

When considering new siding for your home in Bridgewater, several key factors will impact your bottom line.

Siding Material

The material you choose for your siding plays a pretty big role in the overall cost. With options spanning from basic vinyl—at an average of $14 per square foot—to premium siding selections around $24.5 per square foot and up to luxurious wood and fiber cement at about $34 per square foot, there’s quite a range to consider. The durability and aesthetic of these materials vary, as does the complexity of their installation, which can also affect the cost.

Square Footage and Structure

It’s no surprise that the size of your home and the amount of siding you need will influence the total expense. A typical 1,300 sq. ft. house may have siding replacement costs averaging around $23,000, with larger 2,000 sq. ft homes potentially reaching upwards of $28,000. Additionally, if your home stretches skyward with multiple stories, the labor and material required naturally increase, nudging the price point higher as well.

Climate Considerations

Timing is everything, and when it comes to siding installation, the season makes a difference. With demand peaking in the summer months, prices trend higher. To get more value, consider scheduling your siding replacement during the fall or spring when demand dips and so may your costs.

Be Ready for Beauty and Durability

While the upfront cost might seem steep, keep in mind that new siding is a lasting investment into your home’s future. High-quality siding enhances visual appeal and fortifies your home against the elements, potentially saving you money on energy bills and maintenance down the line.


siding replacement cost, new siding cost, siding installation cost


Beantown Home Improvements, Inc – Your Siding Partner

At Beantown Home Improvements, Inc., a reliable Bridgewater roofing contractor, we understand the nuances of giving your home the best protection and allure that siding can offer. Our friendly advisors can walk you through a host of suitable siding installation choices that align with your aesthetic preferences and financial considerations. We’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring that you’re informed and comfortable with your home improvement investment.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re enamored with the elegance of wood, the affordability of vinyl, or the resilience of fiber cement, there’s a siding option out there that’s just right for your Bridgewater home. Keep in mind the factors we’ve discussed to forecast your budget accurately. For a precise estimate and personalized service that takes into account all your needs, reach out to Beantown Home Improvements, Inc. We’re dedicated to making your home shine with quality siding that stands the test of time.