Insulation is a Can’t-Miss Improvement for Homeowners

Oct 21, 2017Blog

There are many home improvements out there that may offer a decent return for the homeowner. However, others projects may add comfort or appeal while not dramatically improving home value. This should not negate the value of a home improvement project for those looking to enjoy living in a home for many more years, but others interested in selling may want to know more about home improvement projects offering a significant ROI. Insulation happens to top the list of home improvement projects that pay owners back.

Benefits of Insulation

Insulation can improve a home’s envelope. Homeowners who want to increase their energy efficiency and cut their energy bills by applying the proper amount of insulation will also experience:

• Improved humidity control

• Decreased noise from outside

• Less dust, pollen and insects entering a home

• Less likelihood of ice dams forming in snowy climates

The majority of homes do not have sufficient insulation. This oversight coupled with air leaks in a home can dramatically increase energy consumption in a home. It takes more energy to heat or cool a home without enough insulation. The hot or cool air can easily escape in homes with air leaks and poor insulation. Homeowners can address these issues with insulation. Additional advantages of insulation can also make a home more comfortable for homeowners. Homeowners who have added insulation can enjoy quieter homes with fewer potential allergens as a few of the side benefits.

What to Know About Insulation

There are different types of insulation and not all perform equally. Conventional fiberglass requires trapped air to perform as intended to maintain R-value in a home. In contrast, the R-value of Cellulose increases during cold weather. Cellulose is able to perform better in cool New England weather as it retains its R-value during cold and windy days. Cellulose uses more recycled content than fiberglass with none of the adverse health effects associated with conventional fiberglass materials. The material is better for the environment and for human health. Cellulose material helps keep families warm as temperatures dip into the single digits.

Return on Investment

Some home improvements do not earn a return for homeowners when it comes time to sell. However, attic insulation stands out as a home improvement that can actually pay owners back and then some. Homeowners can get a return of 116.9 percent on attic insulation. Improvement projects that do provide a return for homeowners often average about 64 percent when a home is sold the same year. Many regional factors may influence the perceived value of a home. The state of the housing market, the features of recent comps in the area and the quality of the home improvement project should all be considered when determining the potential return from a project.

Insulation Pays Off

Homeowners can enjoy many years of improved energy-efficiency and lower energy bills when they choose to improve the insulation in a home and address air leaks. The initial home improvement project almost always ends up paying for itself when it comes time to sell. If you plan on staying around for a while, it will pay for itself each month you see a reduced utility bill. That makes this project a can’t-miss opportunity for homeowners.

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