How to pick the best home security system for your new house

Sep 21, 2019Blog, Home Improvements

How to pick the best home security system for your new house

Security is often a big factor when buying a new house. If your new home doesn’t already have a security system, or has an old outdated system, then you may want to install a new one. Knowing where to start when choosing a security system can be difficult, with so many advanced systems on the market now. Here are a few things to look for when trying to find a security system that is right for you.

Look out for contracts

Many security system providers now try to lock-in customers with contracts to manage their alarm systems. This isn’t necessary or desirable, especially with the increase of security systems available now that can be managed from a smartphone or laptop. Buying into a system with a contract often isn’t worth doing for many homeowners – these systems are more suitable for business customers than residential.

Find systems that link with existing devices

If you have any smart technology in your home such as Nest or Amazon Echo devices, you may be able to find a system that works alongside these. There are now many smart systems on the market that can integrate with smart home technology to make operation easier.

Look for systems with backup power supplies

If you want your home to be protected 24/7, you’ll need to make sure that the system you have has a backup power supply. This means that if the mains electricity drops at any point due to a fault or powercut, your system will continue to work. A backup power supply is usually just a battery in the system that will be used to power it when the mains electricity fails. Some units will have rechargeable backup batteries included, or the option to purchase a backup power supply.

Decide whether you want professional installation

Some systems will need to be installed by professionals. This can incur additional costs, and may not be included when purchasing your security system. If your system does need to be installed by a professional, always check whether the installation is included in the price of the system, or if you’ll have to pay extra. You don’t need to buy a system that requires professional installation, there are many plug and go type security systems on the market now, and others that require a small amount of DIY.

Work out the number of entry points that need securing

Some houses can have a large number of entry points, such as windows and doors. It is important to recognise which of these will need securing when choosing the right system for you. Some systems may only come with a small number of sensors and you may need to buy additional sensors to meet your needs.

Consider getting a professional to assess your home

If you feel you may be missing key security risks in your home, you may find getting a consultation from a professional helpful. Wikihow also recommends walking around your property before a representative arrives to find areas that you may need to make them aware of.