Game Room Design Ideas

Nov 9, 2017Blog

Having a game room is every kid’s dream and most adults aren’t far away from it. Now, I am not talking about a game filled with toys but I am talking about a game filled with big TVs, video games, consoles and as much game tables you can imagine. But to have all that in one room you have to look for good design ideas or your room will be too crowded and who wants to hang in a crowded room?

Game Room Design Ideas

Measure the room

Before you start talking about designing the game room you have to measure the room so you can see how much space you can count on. Having a pool table in a small room is not the brightest idea, especially if the table takes the entire space. Due to that you should definitely measure the entire room and make a sketch of how would you like for room to look like.

Separate the room

I don’t mean to put the drywall in the middle of the room, but make a theme for every corner of the room. If you want to have a corner for the game table, video corner and for example, a bar, put them in separate sections. For a game table, I would recommend a foosball table because it is smaller than pool or ice hockey and you can play foosball with 3 more friends. For a video game corner, I would definitely recommend to mount the TV on the wall and put every console you have on the shelf below it. If you plan to have a bar put it close to the TV so you can watch the TV from the bar.

Use a proper lighting system

Table game corner should have a great lighting system because it is dumb to play foosball with the dimmed light. You can install the light right above the table or you can buy a special light that mounts to the table itself. That way you can see every move your friend does without wondering if the ball entered the goal or not. If you really want to have dimmed light, I suggest putting it in the video game section. That way you can turn that section into your own cinema in under a minute.

Don’t forget about the decoration

Having a game room with empty walls is just not right. There are so many awesome things you can hang on the walls which will make the room look absolutely amazing. On the game table section, you can hang a board so you can write scores on it. Fill the video corner with b/w sports photographs or posters of your favorite games. The bar speaks for itself. You can put that interesting bottle opener which can be mounted on the wall.

A game room will be the room you will spend most of your free time and it has to look amazing. With these few tips, you can make a great game room quickly and all you need to do is organize.

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