Exterior Trends: Exploring Middleborough’s Favorite Siding Materials

Mar 26, 2024Best Siding Material, Best Siding Type, Blog, Middleborough, Popular Siding Options


Is it time to give the curb appeal of your home a boost? Siding plays a pivotal role in elevating your home’s appearance, fortifying your home against the local Middleborough climate, and resisting damage from hail, fire, water, and wind. 

So, what are the most popular siding options in Middleborough that homeowners love and how do you know that it’s time to have the siding on your home replaced?

In this article, we’ll dive into:

  • The best siding materials in Middleborough
  • Tips on knowing when to replace your siding
  • Information about Beantown Home Improvements, Inc.


best siding material, best siding type, popular siding options



The Best Siding Types in Middleborough That Homeowners Love 

Wood Siding

Wood siding is one of the most eco-friendly siding options available and comes in a variety of styles and finishes. This siding type is unique and can give your home a classic all-American look. 

Fiber Cement Siding: Versatile & Weather Resistant

Fiber Cement siding is composed of sand, cellulose fibers, and cement. This type of siding can resemble the look of stucco, wood, or brick and is cost-effective, long-lasting, and resistant to rotting and warping. 

Vinyl Siding: Affordable & Customizable 

Vinyl siding is a popular and affordable exterior cladding solution due to its appearance, exceptional durability, and minimal maintenance requirements. Vinyl siding is known for its minimal maintenance requirements, it protects against rot and water damage, is available in a variety of colors and styles, and is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. If you’re looking for a siding option that is both affordable and customizable, then vinyl siding is the perfect choice for your Middleborough home.

Composite Siding: Durable & Attractive

Composite siding is a fantastic siding option for home exterior projects. Composite siding provides homeowners in Middleborough with unbeatable durability, and protection from the elements, and is easy to install. Plus, your composite siding doesn’t need to be painted and is available in a plethora of stunning finishes that can be customized to match any decor. 

Hardie Board Fiber Cement Siding

This type of siding is a top choice for homeowners who desire a low-maintenance and durable siding option. Hardie Board Fiber Cement siding is made from a blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers and is resistant to rot, moisture, and pest infestations. This siding is available in a wide range of colors and styles and adds an attractive and long-lasting touch to your home’s exterior. If you’re looking for a siding type that will be a wise investment and boost your home’s curb appeal, then you can’t go wrong with Hardie Board Fiber Cement. 


best siding material, best siding type, popular siding options, Middleborough



10 Signs It’s Time for New Siding in Middleborough

Here are 10 signs that you should look out for that will help you determine if it’s time for new siding in the Middleborough area.

  1. Storm damage
  2. Dry rot
  3. Cracking
  4. Bubbling exterior
  5. Fading
  6. Pest infestation
  7. Outdated color
  8. Increasing energy bills
  9. Fluctuating interior temperatures
  10. Peeling paint

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s wise to call a siding professional to come and assess your home and make sure that your siding is effectively protecting you against the climate in Middleborough.  


Beantown Home Improvements, Inc.: Your Go-To Siding Experts

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We know that the home improvement process can seem overwhelming, but we are here to provide you with all the resources you need to make the best decisions for your home and family. Call us today to learn more about our company and to get a free estimate!