5 DIY Projects for This Weekend

Feb 25, 2017Blog

5 DIY Projects for This Weekend

Home ownership can be financially taxing, but not if you take some matters into your hands! There are plenty of home renovation projects that you can check off your list with just a weekend and a little bit of research. Here we’ll discuss some ideas for your next weekend project.

1. Tear Up Carpet

This project can take on a life of its own without proper planning. The most important thing is to have all the right tools in place before you start the project. If you don’t know what’s under the old carpet, be prepared for the worst, or the best! If your home was built in the mid-1970s, then it’s not likely that you’ll find beautiful hardwood floors underneath. When you find that stylish avocado colored linoleum, make sure you have a plan for what to do with it. You can take care of that next weekend.

2. Paint a Room

Painting even one room in your house can make a big difference in the overall flow and feeling of your home. Again, making sure you have the correct supplies already on hand is key to getting this project finished in a weekend. Don’t wake up Saturday morning and expect to go pick out paint colors with your spouse, and still have everything done by Sunday night! You want to time this project properly, so the paint has time to dry between coats and before you move the furniture back in.

3. Install New Flooring

After you’ve uncovered whatever was hiding under that carpeting, a weekend is long enough to install certain kinds of tile and interlocking flooring. Make sure you watch plenty of tutorials and are sure you’re confident with the process before starting. However, as with many things, it’s all about preparation and attention to detail. Again, make sure you know what you want to install in advance, because some flooring has to be ordered ahead of time.

4. Add a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan in a living area or bedroom can significantly reduce cooling costs in your home, for a relatively low price. Most kits come with everything you need to turn a light fixture into a ceiling fan in a weekend, as long as you have a stable ladder! Ceiling fans can also add style and a sense of easy elegance to any home, and area a great way to update an out of style light fixture, which has an additional use.

5. Update the Backsplash

Changing just the backsplash in your kitchen can have an outsized impact on the appearance of your kitchen. As long as the wall behind the backsplash is in good shape, this project shouldn’t take more than a weekend. There are so many fun options, and even though tile can get fairly expensive, if you’re only installing a backsplash, you can probably still afford to buy any kind you like, as you won’t need much.

We hope this article has inspired you to make your next weekend your most productive weekend yet!

This article was written in collaboration with Jessica kane.  Jessica kane is a writer for GoHardwood, a premier flooring company that sells first-rate, quality hardwood flooring products for less.

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